Colin Cowherd suggests Andy Reid could overtake Belichick as the greatest coach ever

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Is Bill Belichick Nordstroms?

That was the question Colin Cowherd posed Wednesday, as the hot take machine attempted to argue that Andy Reid could soon usurp Belichick as the greatest coach of all-time. To make his case, Cowherd compared Belichick to Nordstroms, the once ubiquitous high-end department chain that’s fallen behind online retailers — like most brick and mortars.

The analogy was painful, and featured plenty of gratuitous praise for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and tech execs in Silicon Valley who “make $1 billion in one day.”


“If Andy Reid at 63 coaches to 69 like Belichick, because the last three years he’s separated from Bill, will history be very kind, like it has been to all those Seattle kids who embraced tech? Gates, (Paul) Allen and Jeff Bezos.”

Cowherd cites the Patriots’ relatively mediocre 29-20 record over the last three years and Belichick’s 0-2 record in the playoffs. During that time, Reid has been to two Super Bowls, and could win the Lombardi Trophy again this season.

Reid has coached in three Super Bowls and won one as a head coach, whereas Belichick has coached in nine as a head coach and won six. Now, Belichick won all of his Super Bowls with Tom Brady, but Reid is also riding his franchise quarterback’s coattails. The Chiefs wouldn’t be AFC favorites without Patrick Mahomes.

Cowherd says Belichick is now playing from behind. “I’m not saying in any way Belichick will get dumber, but the world has changed,” Cowherd said. “The best quarterback won every division. Every single NFC playoff team has an offensive coach. Overwhelmingly, who is favored this weekend? All but one offensive coach.”

While Belichick rose through the ranks as a defensive coordinator 40 years ago, it’s ridiculous to act like he’s neglected offense during his career. Patriots teams account for four of the top 20 scoring offenses in NFL history.

Brady deserves the bulk of the credit for those accomplishments, but again, Reid has Patrick Mahomes! And he isn’t even the Chiefs general manager. That would be Brett Veach.

Yet, Cowherd says Kansas City’s strong drafting is another point in Reid’s favor.

“I look at Andy Reid and I think to myself, ‘New England’s hole is the ability to draft offensive talent,’” Cowherd said. “Mac Jones, low ceiling. Josh Allen, in the division. And Andy Reid, good God, did you see their draft last year? Center they drafted, the best center in football. Guard, recovers, backs, tight ends. Don’t be surprised if Andy stays until 69, you look at his last 10 years, and you look at Belichick’s, and there aren’t arguments to be made about who we’re calling the greatest coach of all-time.”

Cowherd didn’t always think Jones had a low ceiling. Back in September, Cowherd said he thinks Jones is worth at least three more wins than Cam Newton.

It’s almost like Cowherd’s takes are purely reactionary. Where’s that Bezos-like vision?