Eagles fans react as Nelson Agholor, Jalen Mills are heavily involved in Patriots loss


The Sunday afternoon game between the Cowboys and Patriots was so good. So, so good. Back-and-forth action down the stretch, a key pick-six in the fourth quarter followed by a 75-yard touchdown just seconds later, a well-executed two-minute drill to tie the game... this one had everything.

Heck, it was so entertaining and jam-packed with NFL goodness that come overtime, the Cowboys and Pats decided that they wanted to get another fanbase involved. Enter the Philadelphia Eagles, who have quite the storied relationship with both franchises in question in recent years, and whose former players significantly affected the outcome of the game.

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The Patriots received the ball first to kick off overtime, and a great opportunity presented itself early in the form of Nelson Agholor getting separation from the defense with a whole lot of open field in front of him. Mac Jones delivered a perfect pass with pinpoint accuracy, in stride, and it seemed fairly likely that Agholor would turn up the field and take it into field goal range, if not take it to the house. Game, set, match... except the veteran wideout forgot one thing: the ball.

Sound familiar, Eagles fans? Of course it sounds familiar, and everyone in the NFL social media community knew it, too.

But the former Eagles' involvement didn't end there, as a Patriot on the other side of the ball — defensive back Jalen Mills — was the key (non-)factor on the play that ended the game. He didn't exactly put up much of a fight against star receiver CeeDee Lamb, who sprinted ahead and walked into the end zone untouched... that is, until Mills shoved him out of bounds. Lamb had the perfect response to that gesture, though, waving right in Mills' face.