Curt Schilling's Hall of Fame campaign ended in the most humiliating way possible


When Curt Schilling fell just short of Hall of Fame induction in 2021, the conspiracy-minded right-hander demanded to be removed from the baseball writers’ ballot so he could be judged by the veterans’ committee and “men whose opinions actually matter.”

Schilling received his long-awaited judgment Sunday, and fell short of Hall of Fame induction for the 11th time. Most embarrassingly, he received a smaller share of the vote from his peers than when he was on the baseball writers’ ballot.

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Schilling received just seven of 16 votes from the Contemporary Era Committee (43.7 percent), well short of the 12 required for induction. The Contemporary Era Committee is comprised of Hall of Fame members Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Jack Morris, Ryne Sandberg, Lee Smith, Frank Thomas and Alan Trammell; MLB executives Theo Epstein, Paul Beeston, Arte Moreno, Kim Ng, Dave St. Peter and Ken Williams; and veteran media members Steve Hirdt, LaVelle Neal and Susan Slusser.

Fred McGriff was the only player who received 75 percent of the votes Sunday. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds fell short of the threshold as well.

But nobody on the ballot suffered a bigger rebuke than Schilling, who received 71.1 percent of votes in his ninth year of eligibility, despite his jokes about lynching journalists and repugnant QAnon views. Schilling likes to play the martyr and say his politics are keeping him out of the Hall of Fame.

But there’s a big difference between saying “Vote Bush” and supporting the attack on the U.S Capitol by supporters of former president Donald Trump. Mariano Rivera, who’s an unabashed Trump supporter, was inducted in his first year on the ballot.

There are scores of conservatives in the Baseball Hall of Fame, probably including some on the Contemporary Committee.

Yet, they supported him with less fervor than the writers. Schilling still received 58.6 percent of the vote last year, following his sad plea to be removed from the ballot.

It looks like Big Schill will never experience Hall of Fame glory. But he is experiencing a nice heaping portion of comeuppance.

It’s well-earned.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports