Who Needs a Cardboard Cutout…

If you have spent any time listening in to my show or podcast over the past six years you know that I reference my cardboard cutout of Harry Connick Jr as "my perfect co-host"  I have shared many pictures of me with the cutout of HCJ as well as in-studio guest love snapping selfies with Harry..

He is also part of numerous pranks. Over the years he has shown up unexpectedly in a coworker's office or in a bathroom stall to surprise coworkers who were not expecting to see those piercing blue eyes staring them down.

We even dress him like"Ol Santa Claus" or at least "The Happy Elf" at Christmas time. Does that make him a giant paper doll?

I was overjoyed when I was approached about interviewing the real Harry Connick Jr, about his new single "Stars Still Shine". I shot a text to my Brand Manager Supa Dave Jackson, that I was going to move Harry to my home studio for the time being. However, when I went to bring Harry home, he was MIA, either he was taken, hidden, or pulled a Flat Stanley on me.  

I am counting out the "Flat Stanley" angle because I have yet to receive one letter from him. I did receive something better, I got an interview with The Harry Connick Jr.  He came onto The Diva's Dish to talk about "Stars Still Shine" a song he wrote and performed and which was the finale on the recent CBS two-hour special he hosted  "United We Sing: A Grammy Tribute To The Unsung Heroes". 

All proceeds from “Stars Still Shine” will benefit the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in New Orleans. The center was co-founded by Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis. 

Located in the 9th ward, the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music broadens opportunities for underserved children, youth and musicians by providing a safe, positive environment where children and youth develop musically, academically and socially through instruction in music and the arts, academic support, computer coding, basic food security & mental health support.

Download the single today, you will be doing a great thing to support a great organization. By doing so maybe some of that good karma will rub off on me and send my cardboard cutout home to me! 

"Stars Still Shine" is available for download on all digital platforms.