Declutter and Love Your Photos Again

This New Book Helps You Organize Your Photos and Your Life
Make 2023 The Year That You Declutter Your Photos!
Declutter your Photos with Adam Pratt Photo credit Rocky Nook Publishing

I highly recommend this new book, to help get rid of the chaos and return joy to all of those images, digital and other media forms, that you've been holding onto.
I connected with the founder of Chaos to Memories, Adam Pratt who is a professional photo organizer, photographer, and author helping people turn their photo chaos into precious memories they can enjoy and share.

Declutter Your Photo Life

In his new book Declutter Your Photo Life: Curating, Preserving, Organizing, and Sharing Your Photos, Pratt shares his straightforward five-step system—Gather, Preserve, Organize, Share, Maintain—that will have you taking complete control and creating a calming order out of your photo collection.

When those priceless memories are unorganized and scattered every which way—on a smartphone, on a laptop, on memory cards and flash drives, on two or three photo sharing websites, in photo albums, and in shoeboxes in the attic—the joy of photography becomes an overwhelming burden. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a casual shooter, or the designated family historian, Declutter Your Photo Life will allow you to enjoy and share your photos today and for generations to come.

With Pratt's useful tips and tricks, you'll learn the most common mistakes made when organizing photos, great ways to share your photos, tips to take photos that are easier to organize, common mistakes for scanning family photos, tricks to take better photos, best practices for backing up digital photos, and much more.

Grab your copy today and use the code "DECLUTTER40" to receive a discount on your digital, printed, or bundled copies.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rocky Nook Publishing