Play-Doh just released Play-Doh for adults


Finally, some really good news in 2020! Do you remember playing with Play-Doh for hours on end as a kid? Well, one of your favorite toys from your childhood just grew up and is here to give you a temporary break from reality. Play-Doh just announced a brand new product line and it's "Play-Doh for Grown Ups."

According to the Huffington Post, it's just like regular Play-Doh, but it comes in adult scents, like "Overpriced latte," "Mom jeans," "Dad sneakers," "Spa day," "Lord of the lawn" and "Grill king."

The people at Hasbro say those smells are meant to be things that make adults happy. I'm not sure how my old sneakers are meant to bring joy, but I wouldn't mind playing with Play-Doh that smells like steak!

If you're interested, the Play-Doh is already on sale and the six-pack of scents is $12. However, don't wait to check it out because it's starting to sell out.


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