A Tesla Engineer Has Created And Perfected The Chocolate Chip


Everyone needs a hobby and if it involves chocolate, it's a great hobby! Plus, isn't it good to see some of the finest engineering minds using their talents like this?

Meet Remy Labesque, he's an engineer at Tesla.  However, he has a side hustle too and he's been moonlighting as a chocolate designer.  He's been working with a company called Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco to create the perfect chocolate chip and it looks like he did it!

According to Newser, he applied his knowledge around industrial design and engineering to chocolate chips and came up with a new shape that makes the chips melt more smoothly and make them taste better.

After lots of experimentation, the chips ended up looking like pyramids and apparently they're better than normal chocolate chips. I'll never know though because they're not cheap!

The company made them out of super premium chocolate, so for a bag that's just over one pound, it'll cost you $30.  That's nearly 10X the cost of a bag of Nestle Toll House chocolate chips!

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