Pillsbury Swirl Cornbread Is What I Need For Dinner Everyday


It's true. There's not anything Pillsbury can make that I won't eat. My favorite, basically daily, are their southern frozen biscuits I toss in the toaster oven. You can get them in the freezer section, they're not the 'explode in your face and scare the daylights out of you' can.

Well, they've decided they weren't done with creations. 

Behold, the Cornbread Swirls.They come ready-to-bake, like Pillsbury’s cinnamon rolls and biscuits. Apparently Cornbread Swirls will come out when done looking like muffins. And I believe the best thing to put on them will be cinnamon butter. The gluttony beast inside me can't stand my diet.....

Someone please try these for me?