Time To Spice Up Your Cracker Barrel Breakfast Time!


Just like many restaurants around the country, Cracker Barrel has been reopening most of it's establishments, slowly. 

To boost sales and attract more guests, it's bringing on some new items that not many people have expected.

According to Delish, 20 Cracker Barrels around the country have already added beer and wine to their menu. "Cracker Barrel seems to have a plan to bring people in by testing a beer and wine program. It's currently in 20 locations and, yes, mimosas are being offered. There are two flavors—orange and strawberry—and they're apparently super popular."

AAAAANNNND I just did us all the favor of calling a few Cracker Barrels in Orlando, they have confirmed they are serving beer, wine and mimosas !

Get your grub on, Brunch anyone?