This Maid of Honor Gave A Speech For Her Sister's Wedding, Disney Style


I was lucky enough to have had my wedding just before Covid shelter in place came to play in 2020, and it was Disney Themed.

I'm glad to see that many people are finally getting to have their big days, and coming across this video definitely made me remember my special day. 

The video was posted to TikTok first, and then of course came all the crazy comments, like how she's definitely 'passive aggressive' in it and possibly got with the groom. I was blown away, like... have none of you ever had a sibling before? You have a love/hate relationship. It's completely normal in the stages of life. And as a sister, we're also here to EMBARRASS each other. BTW they danced and embrace each other at the end. 

Whatever, I thought this was the cutest when I heard her give her speech, especially to the tunes of Disney songs. Way to be a stand up Maid of Honor, and do something that you KNOW your sister would love, and cherish.

It's a bit long, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.