Brushes with Cancer Austin live virtual experience

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I received an email about a virtual experience that is benefiting Twist Out Cancer. An international non-profit organization that provides psychosocial support to those touched by cancer through creative arts programming. Brushes with Cancer will be taking place for the second consecutive year in Austin on Sunday, October 25 at 4pm. 

Brushes with Cancer matches artists with those individuals touched by cancer. Making them the inspirations. During a 4-6 month period, the artist and their inspiration work together to build a relationship. This relationship will be reflected and celebrated through the artist's unique work of art. The unique works of art will be showcased during the virtual experience which includes a virutal 3D art exhibition, live entertainment, keynote speakers and the option to have the Twist Kit Experience Package delivered to your home to enhance the experience.The proceeds from the auctioned art benefits the mission and work of Twist Out Cancer. 

Watching this video shows the empowering bond of the art that celebrates survivorship, hope and inspiration. I had a wide range of unexpected emotions that rushed through me. I highly suggest having a tissue handy. 

Brushes with Cancer Austin 2020 is a virtual event that has been created for an impactful, rewarding and inspirational experience. Find out more.