Livin' the Green Life with Pets

Rudy Roo enjoying outside

Ever since Rudy Roo became part of the family with us last June, he has always loved being outside. It doesn't matter how hot or cold or wet or dry. Whenever honey Ted has patio time, Rudy has to join. He's always up for going for walks, running and playing outside w/ other dogs. Watching and wanting to investigate the wildlife ... rabbits, birds, squirrels ... bugs ... they're all nature's wonders to him.  Rudy is an all around lover of nature. He may be a Shih Tzu, but there's nothing foo foo about Rudy Roo. Sound familiar? 

 As we have gotten older, and noticed things changing w/ the Earth that isn't always for the best, we try to do 1Thing that may help out Mama Earth more. In fact Mix 94.7 / Entercom Austin is part of 1Day/ 1Thing to celebrate Earth Day's 50th Anniversary (4/22/20). Great time to do 1Thing, especially if you're a pet parent. has many suggestions / ideas to inspire pet parents to do 1Thing that allows for better choices of food and other products that help the well-being health of our pets and the environment in which we all live. Things we can do with Rudy Roo, and what you could do with your pet too. stats on an Earth Day survey show 75% of pet parents are interested in learning how to live more sustainably.

Three out of four pet parents report environmental impact has affected a purchase or lifestyle decision they’ve made in caring for their pet. including:

  • 15% said it influenced the breed of dog or cat they chose.
  • 40% said it affected the food they feed their pet
  • 35% have chosen to use eco-friendly pet products
  • 27% said it influenced the flea or tick treatment they use
  • 25% said it influenced where they shop for pet products or the brands they buy
  • 18% said it affected how they dispose of pet waste
A Happier 50th Earth Day can happen by cutting our carbon footprint. Being a responsible, loving pet parent thinking about the impact we have with our furbabies. Turning a negative impact into a positive one. This effort can happen finding more ways to Go Green with your pet. is a huge help with a guide of tips and ideas from pet experts, bloggers, and The Dog People Panel veterinarian, Dr. Gary Richter.  Here are some of the highlights ... 

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Pet Parenthood 

  • Consider the humble poop bag  A dog poops on average of 274 pounds of poo a year. Picking it up helps keep our waters clean. Using the right kind of poo bag & disposal is important

  • Get picky about kitty litter Ditch the clay-based litter / dust that causes health issues / go for more natural feline pine, naturally-fresh walnut base, wheat base...

  • Nutritious food for your pet and the planet  Organic ingredient foods, kibble and treats are the way to go. Less processed / less chemicals that better all around

  • Eco-friendly pet bed Many times they cost a bit more, but better all around for your pet and the environment.

  • Shopping local / regional / USA  Pet foods / products made close / where you live means less distance of travel, and all that goes with it packaging, fuel use... cuts the carbon footprint. 

  • Sustainable toys  DIY toys, less plastic, more durable and high quality all play a part in a Greener playtime

  • Clean-up with pet-safe, Green products non-toxic cleaner, baking soda, vinegar ...

  •  Natural, alternative treatments talk to your vet about natural remedies that can help the health of your furbaby

Click here for all the 411.

Doing 1Thing with your pet helps with the Big Picture Good for the Planet! Make each day a Happy Earth Day showing Love to your family and the environment. Livin' the Green Life! You Rock! Rudy Roo, honey Ted & Heather