Mix FB friends share #NormalLifePhotos

honey Ted's cookie run
Over the weekend, I asked Mix Facebook Friends to share the most recent #NormalLife photo on their phone before staying home pretty much 24/7. The photo response lifted my spirits with so many Happy Moments with the hopes of more to come. I wanted to share a few of them here, with even more to check out.  Please share your's. 
Spreading Happy Moment Joy helps us all as we get through a different normal together.   

Remember as more places re-open, social distancing and following guidelines (washing your hands often / wearing face coverings ... )  as we work and play outside of our homes is extremely important. Being even more responsibile with our actions by taking care and protecting each other will help lower the risk of spreading COVID-19. Keeping this in mind and doing it when we're out, will make for many more Happy Moments to come for us all.