Newbie Diet Busters!

kevinmayer Getty Images

It's an official SWEET TREAT ALERT!!! Get the stretchy pants and oversized sweatshirts ready!  Enjoy! 

I can't believe it's taken this long for a Funfetti Oreo marriage, but it's here for 2021!

Keepin' the Funfetti love going with light ice cream mixed with rainbow sprinkles and a cake crunch swirl. Word is February we'll be able to grab a spoon and dig in. It's light, so a double scoop event! Oh yeah! 


Nothing says a yummy 'I Love You' for Valentine's Day or any day than PB & Chocolate times 20! Yes, Please! 

A yummy find in the Valentine's Day Candy aisle to meltaway with Hershey's Kisses Roses ... thinking one bag won't do. 

Oreos have been busy creating newbie yummy flavors for 2021. A trifecta of yumminess! Grab the milk and get ready for some serious dunkin' ....

The word is this coffee with chocolate lovers dream has been spotted at Walmart! Java Chip means fair game for Breakfast too! 

Oreos Kickin' up 2021 even more with BROOKIE-Os! All the triple layer of brownie, original creme, and cookie dough! O - YES! 

Doh! When these popped up! Strawberry Frosted Doughnut with glittery pink cream. A March release expected for a yummy 2021 Spring celebration OREO style! 

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