A trick to connect a vintage phone to your cellphone

OG Feels !
Photo credit Maudib GettyImages

I'm seeing the OG landline phones popping up everywhere. Missing the feeling of attachment with the spiral cord. The sound of the rotary dialing. A receiver you know exactly where to talk. The vintage landline phone is making a comeback with the retros and youngers.

Did you know there is a way you can connect your cellphone to a landline phone without having a landline? You can use a vintage phone to take and receive your cellphone calls. Push-botton or OG rotary. A special jack like a Cell2Jack is designed to connect any landline phone to a cellphone.

XLink BT Bluetooth Gateway is another option.

Once you're connected you'll be surprised how much louder the ring and the caller are with the OG phone compared to your cellphone. Bells Chime! Enjoy!

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