ATX's 10 Hottest Eats!

Fire in the Hole!
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I really have never understood why someone would want to eat something SO HOT THEY CRY!!! As well as turning all kinds of shades of red. Not being able to taste a thing over the slow BURN that is getting HOTTER & HOTTER!

I'm not a fan, but I do enjoy watching people who are. Getting that much enjoyment out of something that is more than likely going to kick you in the butt ( pretty close to literally) later, that's something to be admired from afar. It is a mystery I have not been able to solve, no matter how much I watch!

Looks like Tom Holland wonders the same thing ... Spidey powers didn't seem to be kickin' in ...

If you're a gluten for HOT PUNISHMENT ... Can't get enough HOT HEAT! I believe I have found a list for you from DO512! A few that caught my eye, but never my mouth (not on purpose) ...

Eldorado Cafe El Scorpio / AC Hot Sauce Festival winner

Monkey Nest Spicy Monkey Mocha / Serious Heat for your coffee

Nasha "Desi Hot" Curried Margarita / "all Indian and a little Tex Mex"

Spicy Boys Fried Chicken / Tingly Gai Chicken Sandwich (served with Sichuan pepper and ghost chili)

Texas Chili Parlor XXX Chili / Wash it down with a cheap beer

Thai Cuisine Green Curry / Brings tears to your eyes

Tumble 22 "Stupid Hot" Nashville Chicken / Finger Lickin' Hot Chicken

There are many more FIRE IN THE HOLE options! Enjoy! I'll stick to this kind of SWEET HEAT!

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