Austin Animal Center is FULL with furbabies in need of furever homes!

Help Rudy Roo spread the word!
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Rudy Roo is spreading the word for all the furbabies in need of a furever home at Austin Animal Shelter. They are BEYOND FULL! No adoption fees until further notice. More furbabies are coming in than being adopted. It's happening this way in many shelters across the state. Pretty soon, it's going to be impossible for AAS to remain a #NoKillShelter. Please Spread the Word with Rudy Roo! Furbabies are waiting for a furever home! Spread the Love ATX!

Here's the info from Austin Animal Center FB page.

Today we started the morning with 1,081 pets in our care, 671 of them here at the shelter. We've filled our conference room with crates, and we've now filled the rented air-conditioned construction trailer with more crates. Our only option for incoming dogs is to house them in crates outside in front of evaporation coolers. We've stashed extra kennel banks wherever we can in our cat building.

We hate doing these posts. We'd much rather post cute photos of all the good stuff, but we need to let you know where we are. It is physically grueling work to take care of this many animals with such short-staffing. It is heartbreaking to watch the animals decline because we can't provide them the level of care and attention that we're accustomed to. It is overwhelming to see the line of people and pets outside of our intake department, knowing that we have nowhere for those animals to go.

We know that folks are struggling financially. We're seeing that in the increase in owner surrender requests, and in feedback for why people aren't choosing to adopt right now.

We know that other shelters and rescues are in the same boat, struggling to get pets out to foster and adoption. We've watched as shelters have had to euthanize for space for the first time in years, and we are trying so hard to avoid that.

But Austin Animal Center, your municipal shelter for the City of Austin and unincorporated Travis County, is drowning. We cannot sustain no-kill with the current difference between animals coming in and animals leaving. Over the past decade, the Austin community has made it clear that pets are important - now we're asking for your help to make sure that continues. No-kill HAS to be a community effort.

Please try everything you can to find a found pet's owner before coming to the shelter. We'll provide you with a crate and other supplies - being in a crate in your home or climate-controlled garage is still better than being in a crate here.

Please consider alternatives to surrendering your pet if you can.

Please adopt. We have two events this week to try to get some pets adopted, and all fees are waived until further notice!

Adopt Late Night - we'll be staying open until 9 pm this Friday, June 24th

KittyPalooza - Saturday starting at 8 am, we'll have over 30 kittens available for adoption

How you can help...










Thank you to everyone who has supported us, shared our posts, told your friends and family about us, and encouraged others to adopt and foster when you can't do it yourself. Every bit helps!

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