HAAM Saves! Keepin' Austin's Live Music Alive & Well! Watch & Give!

Happy HAAM Day!

For over 15 years, HAAM has provided affordable healthcare for Austin's working musicians. Many are self-employed and don't have access to health insurance / basic healthcare. Working multiple jobs struggling to pay for food clothing and shelter with nothing left for healthcare.

HAAM has helped over 6,000 ATX area artists with HAAM Day being the biggest provider of funds. This year the 16th Annual HAAM can be watched livestream from Waterloo Greenway and on TV with performances from over 100 artists. Watch. Give. Feel good helping to Keep Austin's Live Music Alive & Well!

HAAM 2021 full day lineup & how / where to watch 6:15am - 9pm

HAAM 2021 complete guide support local businesses ... eat, drink, shop and do cool things while helping out HAAM.

HAAM 2021 online auction Cool thingies & experiences to bid on! Plus all the Awesome HAAM Day tunes on their Spotify Playlist!