Top 20 annoying neighbor frustrations

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If you have an annoying neighbor, you probably don't have to think too hard what makes them ANNOYING! Or maybe you're the annoying one, but didn't realize it. Here's a survey of the top 20 thingies most neighbors who are annoying do. See if any fit your neighbor. If they fit you, make a real effort to STOP IT!

Top 20 Neighbor Annoyances
(Lombardo Homes)

2 NOT picking up PET's POO
4 PARKING issues
5 Unsupervised KIDDOS
6 Aggressive ANIMALS
7LOUD walkers / footsteps
8 Smoking
9 Unkempt landscaping / messy yard
10 Passive agressive
11 Overflowing garbage
12 Smelly (cooking, trash, pets)
13 Pot smoke
14 Grumpy
15 Dirty home exterior
16 CHATTY / Overly Friendly
17 Unsightly storage
18 Not cleaning up after children / toys
19 Trespassing
20 Drunk in public

Any look familiar to you, about you?

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Here are a few stats:
53% of Americans have an annoying neighbor right now. The biggest complaint is NOISE! The top 5 annoying LOUD NOISES:
1 MUSIC is the number one noise complaint. (loud TV)
2 ADULTS who are talking or shouting
3 PETS (barking & howling)
4 CHILDREN (yelling & screaming)
5 CONSTRUCTION WORK (landscaping work)

17% More than 1 in 7 don't renew a lease because of an annoying neighbor.
14% Move
1-5 file a formal complaint against their neighbors
22% CONFRONT their neighbors often. 48% do it Face-to-Face(seems high)
31% NEVER confront their neighbors

24% have been CONFRONTED by a neighbor usually about NOISE!
honey Ted and I had a filed complaint against us once for loud music EARLY in the morning. Living in an apartment, it's not always easy to tell where it's coming from. We discovered they were hearing the school across the street and their sporting events with loud speakers and music. Once the office determined rather quickly it wasn't us, whoever the bothered neighbor was, stopped bothering us. It's always helpful to know where the noise is coming from before you complain. Then you become the annoying neighbor.

Here's more info! Stop annoying and take care of each other. Less stressful neighborly thingie to do! Cheers!