TOP DOG names of 2023!

Rudy Roo Approved!
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Rudy Roo went over Rover's Top Dog Names of 2023! The Big News ... MAX is no longer the #1 most common boy dog name! While '90s names are trending this year! As well as dogs named 'Beer'! Rudy Roo took his time going over the list taking plenty of treat and nap breaks.

Rudy Roo gives Rover's list '2 Paws Up' even though 'Rudy' was not in the Top 10! He's looking forward to meeting new friends named 'Beer', 'Kelce' and 'Wednesday'!

Top Boy Doggie Names:
1 Charlie
2 Max - Dropped from #1 for the last decade!
3 Copper
4 Milo
5 Buddy
6 Teddy
7 Rocky
8 Bear
9 Leo
10 Duke

Top Girl Doggie Names:
1 Luna
2 Bella
3 Daisy
4 Lucy
5 Lily
6 Lola
7 Zoe
8 Sadie
9 Stella
10 Bailey

It was all about the '90s with Alanis, Dunkaroo , Furby and many more loves of the 90's decade from celebs, to foods and toys. Adding in a 330% uptick for dogs named 'BEER'!

Top Trending DOG names in America ...
#1 KELCE! Taylor Swift Era rulin' the furbabies too!
#2 Wednesday! Streaming series love!

Mix 94.7 is Rudy Roo Approved!

A Rudy Roo Shout Out to the Top 5 Dog Breeds even though it leaves out 'Shih Tzus' ... Who Rule!
1 Mix Breed - Beetlejuice
2 Labrador Retriever - Scott
3 Goldendoodle - Andie
4 Golden Retriever - Andie
5 German Shepherd - Fenway

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Rudy Roo November 2023 by Heather