Turn bananas into Banana Split Fluff

Bring back the Fluff!
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When's the last time you had Fluff? Fluff Salad? I haven't had it in YEARS!

Growing up, I remember enjoying 'Fluff Salad' (dessert) during summertime picnics and camping trips. Fluff would make appearances during the holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th. Fruit mixed with whip cream with pudding or jello sometimes making surprise appearances to create the Fluff.

I'm not sure when the Fluff stopped!? It's time for a Fluff Summer comeback ... Banana Split Style!

Banana Split Fluff
1 3.4 ounces box banana cream instant pudding
1 20 ounces can pineapple crushed with juice
1 10 ounces jar maraschino cherries without stems, drained & halved
1 cup strawberries diced fresh (blueberries yummy too)
1 cup marshmallows miniature (Lucky Charms marshmellows)
½ cup pecans chopped or walnuts (chopped honey roasted peanuts of cashews be yummy too)
½ cup chocolate chips miniature (mini chocolate chips)
2 bananas halved & sliced
1 8 ounces container whipped topping frozen, thawed (Cool Whip)

Creating it!Enjoy getting the Fluff on this Summer!

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