West of the Fest 2023 Highlights

@ Buford's Austin 3/17/22
WOTF 2023 Highlights
Photo credit WOTF 2023 Highlights

Mix 94.7's West of the Fest 2023 March 17 @ Buford's on W. 6th Street. Thanks to everyone who came out for our FREE live music showcase featuring Brent Smith & Zach Myers of Shinedown, American Authors, Nicky Youre, Charlotte Sands & more! Love to our sponsors, Deep Eddy Vodka, and LiveGreystarATX.com. Here are some highlights of the day!

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West of the Fest Backstage & more!

Nicky Youre kicks off West of the Fest @ Buford's. We're feelin' the golden star shirt! Nice choice Nicky!


Didn't realize water polo was so brutal. Nicky Youre is full of surprises!

Tissue Alert! Hariz gets the feels flowin' @ West of the Fest 2023! Catch his chat with Sean Mack.


Edie Bens came from across the pond to get to West of the Fest! First time in America! She got a big ATX welcome!


Edie Bens has a new EP is coming! Plus the best thing she's eaten so far!!

LØren Rockin' the West of the Fest 2023 stage! Fist pumps in the air Y'all!!

LØren talks about his love for Nirvana, plus a new album is in the works!

Olivia Lunny vibes are the best @ West of the Fest! We're feelin' it!


Olivia Lunny feels at home in ATX! Canadians and Austinites unite @ West of the Fest 2023!

Charlotte Sands rockin' the West of the Fest stage @ Buford's!


Charlotte Sands reveals her techniques for reaching her "zen state". Check out her brand new single Six Feet Under!

Patrick Martin brings his 'Dandelion Eyes' to West of the Fest.

Patrick Martin talks about his new cat and experiences at ThunderCloud Subs.

Can't help but have the 'Best Day Of My Life' @ West of the Fest 2023 with American Authors.


American Authors 'Blind for Love' inspired by signs and t-shirts. Sean Mack gets the story. Plus great advice for rising artists!

Brent Smith & Zach Myers of Shinedown took it acoustic for an intimate live music set @ West of the Fest 2023. Nothing but Good Times in ATX Y'all!


Brent Smith & Zach Myers of Shinedown share their wisdom of the industry and love of music. Plus their favorite places to eat in Austin! You can hear Shinedown's new single Symptom Of Being Human on Mix 94.7

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