Zilker Park Vision Plan Qs and As

Change in motion
Photo credit Zilker Park - jimgames / Getty Images

Big Shout Out to C3 Presents and the ACL Music Festival giving Austin Parks Foundation $7.2 Million! An 18 year partnership that has given over $55 Million that has gone towards park projects that benefit the well-being of Austin's parks and the communities that surround them.

You could think of the Zilker Park Vision Plan as a really BIG PARK PROJECT that's in the works for Zilker Park in the heart of downtown Austin. It's a very important part of the life of the city with it's many acres open for recreation and numerous events. As time goes on, an area that gets this much LOVE from it's city needs an upgrade to be able to grow with the needs of the Austin community. This means changes for Zilker Park that not everyone is excited about.

Austin Parks Foundation encourages Zilker Park lovers to get a better understanding of the facts about the 'Zilker Park Vision'. Check out the Qs & As from Austin's Parks & Recreation Department. The first question ... Why are you making changes to Zilker Park if it is fine as it is today? The answer starts with 'Zilker Park is a park in crisis ... ' Find out why!

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