Holiday Food Rules You Can Ditch

Wicker and Wilde

Holidays are, by nature, food focused. We eat at parties, dinners with families, and even leave cookies out for Santa Wicker's favorite holiday food is mashed taters with turkey, while Wilde just has to have PIE!! (Especially her mom's walnut pie). 

Most of us put pressure on ourselves to not gain weight during all of the feasting.

That’s just not realistic according to experts. Most of us will gain a pound or two regardless of how mindful we are. Then there are the food rules that make us stress. As if we need more stress.  Experts say “everything in moderation" is perfectly fine, but there are some food rules that need to be tossed aside. Why? Because experts say they backfire.

Instead of worrying about rules, you may want to try intuitive eating… no diet involved.

Here are the food rules you can ditch:

- Skipping a meal or snack to “save room”

- Working out harder to earn a holiday treat

- Avoiding drinks with calories

- Telling yourself your diet starts in the new year, to avoid guilt

- Making healthy “swaps”

- Thinking of food as something you burn off

So let's eat and enjoy ourselves......after this year we deserve it!