Your Favorite Restaurant May Be Closed But You Can Still Support Them

local restaurants

Government leaders are urging social distancing and some are encouraging restaurants to close voluntarily (before they are forced to) to stop the spread of Covid-19.  That is going to hurt a lot of restaurants. Which would be horrible for the whole of RVA since we are food desitination.  But thanks to advertising agency Familiar Creatures some may be saved by a new website they've created.  It's called Keep Calm and Nom Nom, and according to the site it's a way "people can show their support (for their fave place). Buy a gift card today, and enjoy your meal later."

This is a great way to support the RVA Dining community. Trevor Dickenson, the President of the Scott's Addition Boulevard Association, agrees that this is a great way to "Keep restaurants in business, support local staff who depend on tips, and be a good citizen staying away from other people, all in one place."

Wicker and Wilde will definitely get behind this.......Stay safe, RVA and Nom Nom