How You Can Cheer For Your MLB Team From Your Own Couch

Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde are ready for MLB to "Play Ball!"  Opening Day for Major League Baseball is tomorrow, and you can't be there. Nobody can.  But you can still root for your team . . . virtually.

MLB is launching a new interactive feature where you can cheer, boo, or clap . . . and scoreboard operators at the ballparks will adjust the artificial crowd noise to match what you and the other fans are doing.

So let's say a NY Yankee batter gets beaned, and everyone at home cheers.  Well, with a push of a button, the empty stadium will erupt with (fake) cheers!

To keep things as positive as possible, MLB won't play artificial boos.  So if you're at home are booing, the crowd noise will just get really quiet.  You'll also be able to see who else is rooting for your team.

This fun, (or chaos) will be available through the MLB website, the Gameday app, and through social media links.