These Are The Grocery Items Driving Up Your Bill

Wicker and Wilde
Wicker and Wilde talk about this all the time.  Mainly because Rebecca Wilde practically lives at the grocery store (It may be an Well, anyone who’s gone to the supermarket lately has probably noticed their bill has been much higher than in the past, and that’s likely due to the coronavirus crisis. Certain grocery items have gone up drastically in price since it all began, and now a new report reveals which ones are most likely driving up your bill. 

According to a recent report grocery prices went up 4.5% in June as compared to February, the month before the crisis began.

Now, 24/7 Wall Street has analyzed the changes to determine which grocery items have gone up in price the most.

Top Ten Food Items Driving Up Your Grocery Bill(Complete List)

Beef and veal (+22.7%)

Pork chops (+19.8%)

Citrus fruits (+10/3%)

Chicken (+9.4%)

Frankfurters (+8.8%)

Potatoes (+8.7%)

Ham (+8.7%)

Peanut Butter (+7.9%) - Rebecca favorite food! Well, one of them

Dried beans, peas & lentils (+7.4%)

Canned vegetables (+6.4%)

Wicker and Wilde