The FBI Needs Your Help To Find Those Inciting Violence In RVA

Wicker and Wilde

The FBI completely respects your right to protest peacefully, part of your First Amendent Rights in the Constitution. We all agree that there is no place for those that are looting and inciting violence duriing these protests and the FBI is looking to you to help catch these people.  The FBI is "committed to apprehending and charging violent instigators who are exploiting legitimate, peaceful protests and engaging in violations of federal law."

Dee, a Frontline Friend of Wicker and Wilde wanted to share this with you in case you are able to help.  There is a definite possiblity that this violence will end up with loss of life and livelyhood and it "interferes with the rights and safety of First Amendment-protected peaceful demonstrators, as well as all other citizens." We know these are not Richmonders who are doing this....these are outside forces looking to cause trouble and it's working and we need to stop them.

If you have seen any of these violent, unlawful acts you are urged to contact the FBI.

From the FBI: To help us identify actors who are actively instigating violence in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the FBI is accepting tips and digital media depicting violent encounters surrounding the civil unrest that is happening throughout the country.

You can click HERE to report any tips and information.....or you can call.  1-800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324).

And thank you.........we can make a difference together.  

We love you, Richmond.

Wicker and Wilde