Little Ways To Make 2021 Feel Like A Fresh Start

Wicker and Wilde

Happy New Year from Wicker and Wilde, the Morning Mix.

While we’re changing out our calendars for new ones, and teaching ourselves to write a one instead of a zero on forms, we all know that all of 2020’s issues didn’t magically disappear when the ball dropped last week. But even though we’re not technically starting with a clean slate, experts say it’s important to try to look at the new year like we have a fresh start. Since that’s easier said than done, here are some of their suggestions on how to pull it off.

Examine What Isn’t Working In Your Life Right Now. Psychotherapist Stephanie Kersta recommends taking some time this week to reflect on what behaviors didn’t work for you in 2020. Kersta says to ask yourself “were there particular relationships, thought patterns, or habits that you feel ready to let go of?” And instead of just trying to think them away, get more real about it by writing them down on little pieces of paper and burning them. Just be careful not to add ‘pyromaniac tendencies’ to your list of toxic behaviors by burning your place down.

Set A Positive Affirmation To Live By. According to meditation coach Kama Hagar, “New year’s intentions may be challenging to come up with when the future’s so blurry.” To clear things up, she recommends coming up with a positive affirmation to live by. And it’s not just her. Research shows affirmations can be positive for self-image and motivation. To make yours for 2021, Hagar says to start with one word like “strong,” “confident,” “positive,” “giving,” “calm” and make it into an “I am” statement. Tell this affirmation to yourself every day in the mirror, write it in every notebook you carry, make it your email password… do whatever you need to make it your new mindset throughout the entire year.

Also, I (Rebecca) was surfing through Netflix and saw that Headspace was offering a Guide to Meditation.  This is something that would be great for me and my mom....and maybe you.  Also is offering a weekly podcast from Headspace.  

Here are some other great ideas.

We wish you a wonderful, mindful and successful 2021.  - Rebecca and Jeff

(cover photo courtesy of Alexandra Early)