A Company That Helps Moms Find Flexible Jobs

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Feel Good on the :50's with Wicker and Wilde......hopefully helping Mom's AND Dad's find a flexible job.

It’s not always easy for moms to reenter the workforce when they’re ready, especially if they’re looking for a job they can do while working from home and managing their other responsibilities. But a working mother started a company to change all that.

Mary Kay Ziniewicz was standing at the bus stop with her daughter one day when she started looking around at all the other moms doing the same thing. She saw all their untapped potential and came up with the idea for her business, which she cleverly named Bus Stop Mamas. It’s a tech company that connects mothers who are looking for flexible jobs they can do while caring for their kids at home with companies that have open positions suited to their needs.

The jobs can be part-time, full-time or temporary and gaps in resumes aren’t a problem at Bus Stop Mamas. The free service has helped more than 25-hundred moms get back into the workforce since it began in 2019, including a doctor, and a chemist and is open to any and all . And while the name says “Mamas,” the company has also placed some dads in flexible jobs so far.

Happy job-hunting!  We wish you good luck.