Weird And Wonderful Mother's Day Gifts - Just In Case You Need Some Ideas

Wicker and Wilde
It’s not easy to celebrate Mother’s Day during a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. And Rebecca Wilde lives with her Mom so she has to do more than just try.  LOL......

Your mother gave you life and even though you may not be able to see her in person, you can still show her that you’re thinking of her. And Wicker and Wilde wanna share ideas for some wacky and for some wonderful gifts.

Some of the strange but loveable gifts available for mom this year include a Dog Face mask that wraps around and allows mom to showcase her favorite pooch while also being socially distant. You can also make Mom’s dream to life come true with a Kimono with a back pocket that holds a bottle of Champagne. Yep, there really is a thing. There's also a really cool alien salt and pepper shaker available to wrap. 

If mom enjoys the outdoors, you may want to consider a really cool pocket chainsaw that cuts right through. But perfect for Mama Wilde and any other mother who don't want to let their leftover wine go bad there are Pickle Wine Stoppers

For a full list of the wacky and wild gifts check out this site

Now, if you want to go a little more traditional for Mom this year, here are some of the more obvious gifts that most moms seem to like:

Mother’s Day will be different this year, but not in some ways.

One thing that stays the same is what to get a mom who has every thing? Luckily, “Bustle” is helping us with a list of ideas. It’s a starting point at least!

- A really nice candle (Who doesn't love a candle?  Just make sure it's a scent she likes)

- Custom photo book and why not make it a digital one so she only has to sanizite one item?

- A journal containing how you feel bout mom and how much you've missed her while you've been quarantined.  

- Flowers

- A bottle of wine

- Self-care gift set

- Quality headphones (Ear buds are the future)

And don't forget to send a card!  Even if it's an e-card she'll love that you are thinking of her. And to all the Mother's out there Happy Mother's Day from Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde