What Your Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde found a new survey reveals the traits of those who love certain flavors of ice cream.......Wicker loves vanilla and Wilde loves chocolate and suprisingly the results are pretty darn close.  What about you? 

Check out the traits based on your favorite flavor:

Strawberry Fans

On average, find love at age 24

Like doing laundry

Prefer sci-fi movies

Listen to jazz


Vanilla Fans

On average, find love at 25

Are introverted

Prefer dogs

Prefer washing dishes over doing laundry

Are night owls 


Chocolate Fans

On average, find love at 26

Are extroverted

Enjoy romantic comedies

Like pop and rock music


ONE MORE THING! While toppings may not say much about you, the poll finds that chocolate chips are most people’s favorite (52%).

Hot Fudge (49%)

Nuts (40%)

Whipped cream (37%)

Caramel (35%)

And...Google just released a report of the most searched ice cream flavor in the U.S. for the past week, and some of the results may surprise you. Vanilla was the most popular in the most states although some states had more intersting tastes like Oregon, Utah and Washington which searched for spumoni, and the people in California and Hawaii who are into boba ice cream. Here in Virginia we apparently like peach the best.......mmmmm.....peach ice cream
Wicker and Wilde