People Reveal The Things They Regret Not Doing Before Getting Married

Wicker and Wilde

No matter how great someone’s marriage may be, some guys and gals have regrets about things they didn’t get a chance to do before tying the knot. Wicker and Wilde even have regrets - Wicker says he wishes he'd saved more money before his marriage and Wilde just wishes she'd said "no thanks." 

Turns out they're not alone.  A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has people revealing the things they regret not getting to do before saying “I Do” and we bet there are some folks out there who can relate.

They include:

“I regret not getting to know my husband better before getting married. I think it would have made our marriage easier, it has been quite the challenge.”

“Traveling and seeing the world. I was much younger and my husband has no desire to travel. I’ll end up doing it alone in my late 40s and early 50s.”

“I really wish I got a place of my own before getting married. I went form my parents home to a college dorm with roommates to living with my now husband. I never experienced life without roommates.”

“I wish I partied more and just was single for a bit when I was younger. I got married when I was 24. I love my husband but I was way too young.”

“I wish I got to know my husband’s family better before marriage. They’re so unbearable and I’m unsure I would have married him if I knew them better.”

“I wish I had a baby before I married. My husband is lovely but he has 4 kids and is done with raising kids. I sacrificed being a mom for him, but I wish I already had one of my own.”

“I wish I didn’t wait to have sex until I was married. I feel like I resent my husband now because of it, but it wasn’t even his fault.”

Do YOU have any regrets?