Runner Jumps In Frozen Lake To Save Drowning Dog

Danger thin ice

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A runner stopped mid-jog to save a drowning dog from a frozen lake and the act of kindness is warming hearts across the Internet. Paula Town caught the act of kindness on camera after seeing the dog in danger and she shared the video and we've got it when you scroll down this page.

The good samaritan, Darcy Pell, was out for a run when he saw the commotion with the dog in the lake. The 31-year-old is an experienced cold water swimmer, so he didn’t hesitate to help. He smashed the ice to swim out to the dog and helped him get back to shore safely before carrying on with his run.

Paula calls Darcy a hero for rescuing a stranger’s dog like that, and many on Facebook agree. But Darcy modestly responded, “Not a hero, just saw a dog in need. He writes, “Just glad the dog was happy to carry on its walk after.” Oh by the way, after he saved the little pup Darcy was handed a jacket by his friend and they continued their run!  What a guy!