Rinsing Dishes Before You Put Them in the Dishwasher Will Make Them Less Clean

Wicker and Wilde
This is about as win-win as it gets:  You can do a better job washing the dishes by being LAZIER. Wicker and Wilde consider that a bonus, although truth is they both kind of like doing dishes...and when it comes to the dishwasher neither one of us has a fancy enough of one for this to be pertinent. But if you do then please read on.

According to a cleaning expert in Australia, you should stop rinsing dishes before you put them in the dishwasher . . . because that could make them wind up LESS clean.

Here's why.  Most modern dishwashers have sensors that figure out just how dirty the dishes are, and then adjust things like water temperature and jet pressure to match.

So when you rinse off your dishes, even though they're still pretty dirty, the dishwasher senses that they're clean and only uses a light wash.

The advice:  Instead of rinsing them, you should scrape off solid food before you load the dishes, but that's it. 

Now, let's eat! And make some dirty dishes......