If You Need Ideas To Help Celebrate Teachers We've Got A Few For You

Wicker and Wilde
Wicker and Wilde are hearing from a lot of parents who appreciate their child’s teachers even more now that none of them are in the classroom. Parents are getting a taste of what it’s like to deal with short attention spans, never-ending energy and technology that won’t cooperate and it’s not easy with our own kids, much less a whole classroom full of them. Well, now’s the time to tell our teachers how much we value them because it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

With schools closed, teachers have scrambled to create distance learning plans, figure out Zoom meetings with students, and learn all kinds of new technology to get kids assignments and instruction. We know how hard they’re working and now’s the time to tell them. Since we can’t send in a card and gift with our kids like we normally do, here are some ideas to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and thank them for everything they do.

Send a video thank-you note - Take a quick video of your kiddo, or the whole family, thanking the teacher. If your kid gets nervous or forgets what to say, have them write it down and read it on camera.

Send a photo of your child’s artwork - If they’d rather express gratitude in a picture, have them create it and then send a picture to the teacher.

Send an e-gift card - You can get one for their favorite coffee spot or store and have it sent to their email address.

Send a personal note - Messages from the students are nice, but it’s also a good time to express your gratitude for the teacher as a parent. Share how much they mean to you and your child and send it in an email, on Class Dojo, Remind, or whatever communication app you typically use.

Wicker and Wilde