Couples Share The Worst Advice They Got On Their Wedding Day

Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde know people love to share advice and they've gotten their share over the years but when it comes to marriage seems everyone at the wedding can't wait to put in their 2 cents as to how to make it last.  Some is worse than others.....LOL...and some couples got on the world wide web to share the creepy and just plain bad advice they were given on their wedding day and there were certainly some doozies:

"Cast iron pans are best for beating your husband. Advice from my aunt.”

“My MIL told me if I keep ‘acting smart’ it wouldn’t last long and the secret to her 25 years of marriage is always acting dumb around the husband. Met her husband’s mistress few years later. She was a successful lawyer with a PhD.”

“My mom told me: ‘Marriage is like a game of cards. You start with 2 hearts and a diamond in your hand, but by the end you’re begging for a club and a spade’”

“’Make love like it’s the last time, every time.’ -My wife’s grandma.”

“Bridesmaid to my wife on our wedding day: ‘Statistically you are now 3 times more likely to die at the hands of your new husband than a stranger.’”

“From my aunt: “Don’t ever make him a cup of tea. He’ll expect it all the time and never make one for you." 

"At my friend’s wedding, his grandfather stood up and gave them a speech that went something like; “Every time you try for a baby, put a jelly bean in a jar. Try to fill the jar by the end of your first year.”

“My wifes Aunt said, 'Whenever he tells you how to do stuff, you say ‘yes, dear’ and then do what you want.”

"I was told that Jesus was a third “partner” in a marriage and it would be good to have a picture (representation) of Jesus in the bedroom."

What's some interesting, if not downright "strange" advice you got on your wedding day?