Uncle Makes Nephew's Quarantine Dreams Come True

Wicker and Wilde

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One very fun uncle made his young nephew’s dream come true during the quarantine.

11 year-old, Calden Ashley, was sick and tired of missing his friends and all of the fun summer vacation usually brings.  Well, his uncle, Leigh, knows what a fan Calden is of Rollercoasters.  So he told the youngster to come up with plans, with bunny hops, twists and turns, for his own rollercoaster.  Along with his son, Charlie, Leigh ended up bringing to life a 230-foot-long ‘Big Dipper’.  A bonafide rollercoaster in Calden's backyard!

They put together old bits of scrap metal and wood to make the frame of the coaster and even used an old wooden cutting board as the seat.