How To Host A Virtual Thanksgiving

Virtual Thanksgiving

Doctors and other Health experts are saying that family gatherings could create a new wave of Covid-related illnesses and are encouraging us to keep it on the DL....Wicker and Wilde will only be hanging with the people they already have in their house, which is disappointing but the safer option. And let's face it, maybe it won't be such a bad year without Uncle Bruce falling asleep in the mashed potatoes. But that doesn't mean you can't still hang out with family and friends to eat together and celebrate the holiday.  

Here are some ideas to help you have a great celebration with advice from virtual experiences expert Vivian Chaves. Here are her steps to throwing a virtual Thanksgiving:

- Decide on the guest list

- Create a landing page for the event

- Send an itinerary to guests well in advance

- Send decorations, desserts or do-it-yourself drinks to the guests

- Create a personalized festive background

- Choose your video platform

- Troubleshoot tech issues in advance

- Plan a group game or activity

- Make it a dress up event

- Embrace this new normal (not sure if Wicker and Wilde are ready to accept that but we guess we'll see)

Virtual Thanksgiving