Why You're So Annoyed With Everything Lately

Wicker and Wilde

Patience is running thin nowadays and a lot of us may find ourselves "unreasonably" annoyed. Believe us, Wicker and Wilde feel ya.  Our quarantine bunkers have become emotional “pressure cookers” where relationships with ourselves and our roommates have been tested. If you feel like you’re about ready to snap, here’s what experts say is going on:

Deeper Issues. Psychologist Jeffrey Rubin says the current crisis has brought “underlying fault lines [in relationships] to the surface.” So all that anger you’re feeling towards a roomie for flipping on the TV when you’re trying to work from the living room is most likely a sign of deeper issues between you two.

Control. With everything that’s going on, there’s a lot of things out of our control, so we need to focus on the things we can change. According to psychologist Alexandra Lash, “we don't have the answers we need when it comes to understanding COVID-19 and the future” but we do know there aren’t supposed to be dishes left in the sink. So it’s best to do your part around your shared space before it becomes a thing.

Overwhelmed. Psychologist Ann Masten believes we’ve overloaded our body's "surge capacity." Meaning our reserves of emotional and physical energy are gone and we are way overdue for a recharge. According to Masten, “people don't become better under crisis; they revert to a lower level of emotional function.” So if your roomie has been acting like a caveman, now you know why.

There are some suggestions to help, including looking into getting help from a mental health professional, in the original article from Bustle

Bottom line is they say there is "no shame in struggling" and you are not alone.......if you need us for anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to Jeff or Rebecca. 1-833-804-9898