Times Have Changed: What To Avoid At The Hair Salon

Wicker and Wilde
After months without a hair appointment, many people are heading back to the salon. Rebecca Wilde is one of those people.  It's been 18 extremely long weeks since she got her hair cut and things will be a little different than they used to be at salons. Hair experts say this is what you need to know before your next cut or color appointment.

Don’t bring extra people along - With social distancing rules in place, salons are limiting the number of people they allow inside, so only the person getting their hair done should come to the appointment. This means you shouldn’t show up with your best friend or your child, even if you’re a regular customer.

Don't linger or plan to pay with cash - Some salons are asking clients to wait in the car before their appointments to keep everyone safe, some are asking them to pay with a card to avoid handling cash and as tempting as it may be to hang out and catch up with your stylist, their time is limited, so be considerate.

Avoid salons that aren’t taking health seriously - What should you be looking for? Extra space between stylist chairs, staggered appointments, fewer clients in the salon at a time, as well as staff wiping down equipment, washing their hands, and wearing masks.

Don’t expect the same prices - Salons have been hit hard by the pandemic, so after being closed for months and dealing with limited availability, prices for your cut and color may be higher than before as they try to play catch-up. And if you were ever going to overtip for hair services, now’s the time.
Don’t show up with symptoms, even mild ones - No matter how badly you want your hair done, don’t come to an appointment with any symptoms or feeling sick.

What you do want to do?  Be patient and enjoy yourself.  And if you're like Rebecca, you'll never take your hairdresser for granted! LOL