Watch As This Woman Saves Her Choking Neighbor

Wicker and Wilde

A Florida woman is being called a hero for saving her neighbor’s life as he was choking. Billy Bass (yes that's his real name), a middle school teacher, says he was eating steak at his home near Orlando when a piece of it got stuck in his throat. He immediately ran across the street to his neighbor Karen’s house.

The video from her doorbell camera, which will give you goosebumps just like it did to Wicker and Wilde, shows him ringing the bell and Karen answering the door, then Bass pointing at his throat. Thankfully, she knew exactly what to do and got behind her neighbor and did the Heimlich. The food came out right away and Bass was fine. Now he calls her his “wonder woman.”

“I was shaken up, she was shaken up,” Bass explains. “We just hugged each other, embraced and I said ‘you saved my life.’”