You Can't Make This Stuff Up! Women Fight Over Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper
Wicker and Wilde are shaking their heads at this one.......The coronavirus is wreaking havoc in stores all over the world. Even in Australia where 3 women were caught on video fighting over rolls of toilet paper. A mother and daughter are stockpiling all the toilet paper in the store. A woman who also needed toilet paper asked for one roll. 

“No — not one pack,” the mother says in the video that has been viewed more than 200,000 times.  Well that didn't sit well with the woman who only wanted one package and a fight erupted!  It started with screaming and then punches started to fly.  

The mother and daughter were arrested and the third woman was let go.  Turns out the store has a four-roll maximum buy in the store. The mother and daughter were in the wrong for hoarding all the toilet paper in the first place.