Mark Wahlberg Might Be the Reason Post Malone Wanted His Own Rosé Wine Brand

From ‘Good Vibrations’ to good wine

According to his manager, Post Malone’s new founded appreciation for fine wine is due to none other than Mark Wahlberg.

In a recent interview with GQ, Posty and his manager Dre London chatted about Maison No.9, the rapper’s relatively new rosé line. Dre spilled that Post, who “always drank wine,” however “not as much as beer,” began acquiring a “taste for expensive wine after he and Mark Wahlberg hung out too much!”

Wahlberg who is a self-proclaimed “wine hoarder,” has amassed quite the collections, upwards of hundreds of bottles (mostly old-world reds) which he stores in his very own wine cellar. While Mark prefers the slightly more full-bodied taste of reds, Posty went the route of rosé, saying that “rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy,” when promoting Maison No.9’s launch earlier this year.

While inspired by the wine teachings of Wahlberg, Malone and London revealed exactly how the project got its start, referencing a dinner they had with their soon to be third partner, entrepreneur James Morrissey. “I think it was right around GRAMMY time in LA and we met at the restaurant called 'Nice Guy' to catch up,” tells Post. “James had just got back from a winery in the South of France and we were talking and I knew right away I wanted to get involved with this. The following week the three of us were on the French Riviera together.”

Dre recalled that the idea actually came about,“while we were tipsy on wine and talking like a 'Wolf Of Wall Street bull,' adding, “I remembered that moment and I reminded everyone the next day!” A year in Provence later, and Maison No.9 went from tipsy nights dream to reality.

Feeling fancy? Find out everything you need to know about Maison No.9 here.

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