Raven-Symoné shares her therapy journey and opens up about her battle with depression

The star joins a new episode of 'Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown'
Raven-Symoné and Miranda Maday
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On a new episode of Mayim Bialik’s BreakdownRaven-Symoné and her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday discuss defense mechanisms, their individual therapy journeys, and the confining nature of labels when it comes to sexuality and gender.

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Together the couple also go on to explain how their sexualities protected their true identities and their struggles with depression.

Breaking down her therapy journey, Raven shared, “at 18 I told my parents I wanted to go to therapy,” which they didn’t quite understand. “Started there,” Raven continued, “got pretty much the understanding that I have PTSD and… I don’t have bipolar syndrome, but I have depression that is in that world, so took some medicines for that.” One of which she stopped taking after it resulted in finding herself “underneath a table while filming, and could not get up.”

“Then I stopped going to therapy and started doing energy work and meditation,” Raven admitted. “Just going through the motions and realizing my own personal power and energy grids that I can create for myself to release my mind and body from the shackles of pain and allow my higher self to run.”

Also mentioning how getting into self-help books “really got me on a path of personal mental work. It however didn’t actually help when it came to touching my anger,” a part of her she didn’t know truly existed “cause it was passive.”

As Raven mentioned at the start, “growing up in the industry from the age of 16 months to 36 years old leaves an interesting trail of bread crumbs that can be used in a positive light for others, can help others, can inform others. And when it comes to me personally I’m dealing with that through my therapist.”

Additionally bonding with Mayim over their strikingly similar coping mechanisms from having grown up as child actors, their abilities to read others, and how celebrity can heighten people-pleasing tendencies, Raven also opens up about her past relationships with people with narcissistic tendencies. Plus her parents’ reservations about therapy, her PTSD and anger challenges, and her positive experiences with shadow and energy work. While Miranda reveals how somatic therapy has helped her. Listen to the entire episode above.

Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.

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