Jane Fonda, 84, reveals the ‘active’ part of her life she has since ‘closed up shop’

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In the ‘80s, Jane Fonda turned aerobics into a media empire, but she has now revealed there are some heart-racing activities in which she no longer partakes.

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In a new Yahoo interview, the Hollywood legend, now 84, is as tough talking as ever. Though the fitness icon admits age has finally shut the door on one previously very integral part of her life.

When it comes to an active sex life, Fonda said she has “closed up shop.”

"I have ridden my sexuality along into my older age and very happily so,” she said, “and I'm grateful for that. It takes courage and a willingness. What's important is to know that you don't have to stay sexually active, [but] you can stay sexual." The "9 to 5" star then joked how she gets sent "a lot" of bedroom toys.

Despite her decision, she insisted that doesn’t mean one can’t keep things going as long as they want. "It can continue if you choose,” said Fonda, “ it's all a question of choice. We should have a choice if we want to remain sexual into our 70s, 80s, 90s."

Age has not diminished Fonda’s political activism energy though. In response to the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Fonda spares no ire in her explanation of where she thinks society is headed.

"The issue of women being able to control their bodies — it's about power,” she said. “It's the ultimate power. I view the patriarchy, interestingly enough, like a wounded dragon. A wounded beast is the most dangerous flailing about, but they're wounded and that's why the patriarchy is scared. And we mustn't forget that this is all a result of fear on the part of the men and women who are patriarchal."

For someone who’s fight for women’s rights goes back to the end of the 1960s, Fonda has not become cynical.

"We cannot give up, and we won't,” Fonda insisted, “because we have 50 years of absorbing this right into our bodies, into our DNA, into our hearts and minds. We know what it feels like to have agency now over our bodily decisions. We're not ever going to get rid of that. We're not going back."

The longtime movie star was recently able to settle into a good run in the streaming world, as she starred with old pal Lily Tomlin for seven seasons of the Netflix comedy, “Grace and Frankie."

The show ended in April, but it’s a good bet that’s not the last we’ll see of Fonda. As Yahoo Entertainment reported, we’ll already be hearing her, as she recently lent her voice to a benevolent dragon in Apple TV+'s upcoming animated film, “Luck.”

Fonda took inspiration from the film’s theme of perseverance. "Don't give up," she added. "The bad things that happen can make you stronger if you let them, if you don't let them destroy you, but you let them build your muscles."

The Oscar winner is also currently filming the sports comedy "80 for Brady" with NFL superstar Tom Brady.

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