Christian Bale says he would ‘consider’ returning as Batman under one condition

Christian Bale attends the Marvel Studios "Thor: Love And Thunder" Los Angeles Premiere at El Capitan Theatre on June 23, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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Does Christian Bale still take a gander up in the sky for that bat signal sometimes?

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In a recent interview at, the intense Welsh actor -- currently playing the villain, Gorr the God Butcher, in "Thor: Love and Thunder" -- didn’t shy away from every fan’s wonder: would he come back as Batman? Bale famously portrayed the protector of Gotham City in three films for director Christopher Nolan.

“That would be a matter of [director] Chris Nolan,” Bale said. “If he ever decided to do it again, and if he chose to come my way again, then, yeah, I would consider it.”

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As often happens in Hollywood, a huge hit will often thwart the best laid plans of bats and men. With Nolan and Bale’s Dark Knight Trilogy (that spanned 2005-2012) having been huge smashes and becoming the standard for most superhero franchises, it seems a pact between the actor and director could be broken.

“Because that was always our pact between each other," Bale revealed. "We said we would only ever make three, and then I said to myself that I’d only ever make it with Chris.”

Speaking of huge hits, it seems Bale still hasn’t seen this year’s massive Caped Crusader epic “The Batman.”

“I haven’t seen in it yet,” Bale recently told Yahoo Entertainment. “No disrespect, I absolutely think Robert [Pattinson] is one of the finest actors around, and I will get to see it."

“I do not watch many films," he continued to explain. "I also have kids (Emmeline, 17, Joseph, 7), and when I do start to watch films usually I get 15 minutes and then I’ve got to stop and go do something else. So when they get around to watching it, I will definitely watch it. But I think the world of [Pattinson]. I think he’s absolutely magnificent.”

Just in case Nolan does come a-calling again, it seems Bale kept a few important items in his memorabilia stash, as he revealed. “I've got the Batman cows as well.”

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