Amanda Kloots reflects on bringing late husband Nick Cordero to hospital 1 year ago

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Earlier this week, Amanda Kloots marked the anniversary of taking her late husband, Nick Cordero, to the hospital in Los Angeles.

Cordero, who appeared in various Broadway shows, spent more than three months in the hospital before passing away from coronavirus complications on July 5th at the age of 41.

Kloots shared a heartbreaking video of herself and baby son Elvis at an outdoor mall shortly after dropping Cordero at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

“We’re sitting at the beautiful Grove, waiting to hear something from Nick,” Kloots said in the clip. “They’re playing ‘Volare.’ It’s a sign — a sign that everything’s going to be OK.”

The 39-year-old then began to describe how the devastating day unfolded.

"With Covid restrictions in place, we didn't know which entrance was even open, so I left him on the corner,” Kloots wrote in the caption.

“We didn't hug. We didn't kiss goodbye. We couldn't. It was clear he was sick with something and we couldn't take any risks. I don’t even know if he said bye to Elvis or if we said, “I love you.” I told him I’d stay nearby and to call me when he’s done. We walked to The Grove to kill time. We thought it would be a couple hours."

"That was the last day I saw Nick as Nick," she added.

"My heart breaks today. I wish I could go back in time, run to him as he was walking away, grab him, kiss him and hold him in my arms. On April 1, he went on the ventilator and I never spoke to him again,” Kloots continued.

"To anyone, who like me, that dropped their person off at the hospital never to really 'see' them again, I'm thinking and praying for you today. This day is just hard, there's no other way to say it."

“The Talk” co-host followed it up by sharing a sweet photo of herself, Elvis and Cordero with an insightful message for her more than 650k followers.

“If you can, wrap your arms around the person you love. Say “I love you.” Send a text or pick up the phone and tell them. End arguments and bring peace,” Kloots wrote. “Our dearest relationships are important. Life is precious.”

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