Watch our Audacy Check In with MOD SUN and hear his new single 'Rich Kids Ruin Everything'

'I know that there’s something that comes with getting older that a lot of people get scared of... I love it, I embrace it'
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MOD SUN is feeling “fearless” today (how Taylor Swift of him), not only because he’s celebrating another spin around the sun -- but he’s also been given the honor of receiving his very own key card to the KROQ studios in Los Angeles thanks to his pal and host, Kevan Kenney, on the release day of brand new single, "Rich Kids Ruin Everything."

LISTEN NOW: MOD SUN talks with Kevan Kenney

Birthdays tend to be an introspective time for MOD SUN, who admittedly didn’t picture himself “even potentially being on this earth this long. So, it’s great to be on the other side of those thoughts and enjoying getting older. I actually like it”

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“I know that there’s something that comes with getting older that a lot of people get scared of,” he adds, “I love it, I embrace it… and I fall back in love with all of the things that brought me here. That part of my youth, it becomes more a part of my life now as I get older. I actually feel younger than I ever have.”

What better way to celebrate this fresh look on life than with a brand new single being blasted over the airwaves? His new track, "Rich Kids Ruin Everything," was teased at Emo Nite L.A. at the Avalon in Hollywood just last week, a decision that was made based mainly on the audience that attends those parties.

“Really, the whole song is for the kids that got made fun of for liking what they liked and now see it being embraced. I can’t tell you how many times I got bullied for being a scene kid, for being a skateboarder. Skateboarding right now is so much different than what it was like when I was in high school… they would call me ‘dirty,’ for skateboarding.” But it wasn’t just his mode of transportation; he says his look was also a target of ridicule, and he finds it “quite astonishing to see those things being so embraced by culture right now.”

Many of these same themes are a major focus of MOD SUN’s newly released documentary film, Remember Me Just Like This, undertaken alongside his friends and collaborators Machine Gun KellyAvril LavigneLil Huddy, and Travis Barker, showing a look into his life from childhood through the making of his 2021 hit album.

These days, “you see high fashion brands doing runway shows based off of outfits that were worn by people [in the emo scene],” he explains. “Just the classic… let’s just go with the studded belt. Let’s go with wearing tight-fitting jeans. You had to buy girls’ jeans. I know there are people out there listening right now that got made fun of so much for wearing tight, girls-fitting jeans. Now, of course, fashion has embraced that and every jean/pant brand makes makes a tighter fitting jean… These are things that I find just, like I said, astonishing and, I can say it, it’s hilarious to me. That is the DNA and the heartbeat of this song. It is saying, ‘yes it is astonishing,’ and ‘yes, it is hilarious.’ It’s tongue-in-cheek, all while having a very serious undertone of where I see culture right now.”

“Rich Kids Ruin Everything” is the first offering from MOD SUN's highly anticipated fifth studio album, the follow-up to his hit 2021 release Internet Killed The Rockstar.

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