New Order's Bernard Sumner on recovering from COVID-19: ‘I’m one of the lucky ones’

Sumner was diagnosed with COVID-19 three weeks ago
Bernard Sumner
Photo credit Getty Images

Bernard Sumner is on the road to recovery.

The New Order frontman revealed that he contracted COVID-19 a few weeks ago and is still recovering from the virus. “I’m just recovering from coronavirus actually. Got it three weeks ago,” he said in an interview.

Although he considers himself “one of the lucky ones” that “didn’t get it too bad,” Sumner dug in on the symptoms he experienced. For one, COVID left his voice “gruff” and like many, he ended up losing his sense of smell.

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“I had a little bit of a temperature, but not much. I had it for four days, then it went away for four days, and then it came back for four days,” Sumner said. “When it came back, it was more severe, but still not too bad. I just felt extreme fatigue, like a really bad hangover. Then it went away, and I’m okay.”

Sumner is currently in the U.K., which is in the midst of a second wave of coronavirus cases. “I’ve heard horror stories over here about it,” he said.

“A couple people who know people who’ve died from it. I’m very lucky. We got a real serious second wave here. But it seems like Russian roulette. Like, you can get light symptoms, like me, or it can kill you. It’s crazy.”

Like many artists, the pandemic disrupted New Order’s tour plans for 2020. The band was set to take part in a lengthy North American tour alongside Pet Shop Boys, but that has been pushed back to 2021.

As of writing, New Order and Pet Shop Boys are scheduled to kick off their North American tour in September 2021.

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